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Douglas Tires Reviews

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  • Tires

    I purchased a set of Douglas all season tires (205/55r16) on 12/31/16 at Walmart for my daughter. She probably put maybe 5000 miles on the tires and the wires are showing. Took to Walmart to get warranty on tires but since they didn't install the tires they wouldn't warranty them. I think that is bull don't even get 5000 miles on tires. So we had to purchase new ones again cuz I didn't wanting her to drive 1700 miles to home on those worn out tires. All I asked for was a little help from them to help purchase. The tires have a warranty of 45000 miles. I hope you... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Tire seperation

    I took my vehicle to a shop to find out what was wrong and they told me my tires were is a safty hazard and needs to be fixed immediatly I purchased a set of douglas xtra-trac II last year they only have 12000 miles on them with lots of tred. but they are separating and make my whole front end shake and shimmy while on hwy to work. went to wal-mart with receipt and they say that nothing is wrong.some people think because your a woman because that you wont know the separation is in the layers and not seen. I live around the corner from wal-mart and will never shop there... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
  • Wal-mart on't refund for defective tire

    I bought a Dougles tire from Wal-mart to put on a trailer. The person in that department kne what I was buying it for,yet still recommended I buy the Dougles tire. I had it mounted at another place. When I took it home and put it on the trailer, it started to leak down. I took it to the man that mounted it for me and he told me it was a manufactures defect. I took it back to Wal-mart and they refuse to refund my money.I will never spend another dime there again. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Earl1946's Picture   Earl1946    0 Comments   Comments
  • Douglas tires

    Many complaints involve blowouts and sidewall problems, these are caused by low tire pressure.These tires seem very prone to rim leaks, and sloppy technique such as not cleaning the rim and not using a rim sealer might be forgiven by other tires, but not by these. Low tire pressure is almost impossible to detect on newer radial tires by the feel while driving and that is why all these blowouts you are reading about in other reviews. I bought a used 2005 Accord and had never heard of the Douglas tires on it, so I read up about them often having rim leaks when mounted my the minimum wagers... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    driller's Picture   driller    0 Comments   Comments
  • Douglas Tire from Wal-Mart

    In December 2011 I took my 2002 Acura RSX to Wal-Mart to have a new tire put on it. They put a Douglas Performance tire on it. Unfortunately the tire blew out, which seems to be a very common thing with these tires according to all of the reviews that I have been reading. When my daughter took the car back to Wal-Mart to have another new tire put on it, they put a much ore expensive tire on the car stating that the Douglas tire was put on my car in error in 2011 because it did not meet the safety standards for my car. I was extremely upset knowing that the wrong tire was put on my car in... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    sparkleshine's Picture   sparkleshine    0 Comments   Comments
  • xtrac

    Have purchased xtrac Douglas tires for a 97 corolla since purchase at 115k now has 190k. The Douglas have lasted 10k on the rear although the 4 wheels were aligned 3 times with no change in tread wear. Changing the rear struts eliminated inner tread wear, now wear is even although wear continues at 10k. The front originally was approximately 20-30k until the last tire was placed on at 178k and now has 13k on tire with 3/32 tread remaining, alignment still good. 2-3 of the rear tires over the years have developed a cupping with one exposing the steel cords before the tire was bald. Will be... More...
  • X-TRACII 195/65R15 tires at Walmart

    I bought 4 brand new Douglas tires at Walmart on 2/24/14, they cost me a total of $330. I am on disability and thought they were a good price. Now I know why!!!! A couple weeks after I had the tires put on my front end (96 Honda Accord) started shimming, I thought it was out of alignment. Then last week (4 months after purchase) the drivers side front tire sidewall blew out!!! THEN, this weekend (holiday weekend) The drivers side rear tire sidewall blew out!!!! To say I am upset is an understatement!!! I am pissed!!! I can't afford to even buy USED tires at this point. I am telling... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    Temeron's Picture   Temeron    2 Comments   Comments
  • Unbalanceable tires

    I bought a set of Douglas Tires 215-65-16. Since owning this set within a month I experianced a vibration that was very annoying. Considering the age of my car I first did not consider that the problem could be my new tires. I took it to the shop and they tol me that my shocks were in need of replacement. While they were there I told them to replace my cv joints (The boots were torn.). Still, I had the vibration. I then was told that my rim was bent. I replaced the rims with a new set. I still have the vibration. Let me say this.... After rebalancing the tires you can see them out of round.... More...
    Cube1362's Picture   Cube1362    3 Comments   Comments
  • Best tires yet!

    I being an ASE auto technician, AND having a set of the Douglas Xtra-trac II tires on my car will say they are the best tires i ever had. NOW, i will be more specific. I DO NOT trust ANY Walmart "tech" to even touch my car, plain and simple. Most of the complaints about the tires are from their so-called "techs" installing the tires. Now granted, installing tires are very simple, but some care should be taken to install them properly, such as tire mounting lube and cleaning the rim of corrosion to get a good bead. Also, tire pressures are key to proper tire life and... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    mnstrmech's Picture   mnstrmech    1 Comments   Comments
  • BAD tires

    I went to walmart about a month ago and I bought a douglas 2 16inch tire.I went to the grocery store and I was parking my van in a brand new smooth parking lot and the side wall blew.When I looked at the tire it had a knot were it blew.I paid $84.99 for this tire and I am not very happy because no one will except that there is something wrong with these tires.I have read over 300 and some complaints of the same thing, soft tires, knots, thin side wall rubber,busted belts and many blow outs. All of these tires were brand new. I would like for the maker or walmart to step up and make things... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    mchesney86's Picture   mchesney86    3 Comments   Comments
  • Tires

    I purchased 4 Douglas tires from Walmart one month ago. Yesterday we noticed the back passenger was bulging. I took it back to Walmart and they said nothing can be done because it was driven on. However their was no reason for it to be going flat after one month they could find. Then they did not even tell me as I was very upset when I left but they wrote on the paper that my front drivers side also needs to be replaced. These tires are one month old and they should not need to be replaced yet if nothing is causing them too. I am so unhappy and unsatisfied with Walmart and Douglas right... More...
  • 215/70R15 X-Trach

    I bought a pair of 215/70r15 X-Trach tires in Sept 2010 that only last 2000 miles until Jan 2011. When I borought them back for warranty, the Biddeford, Me Walmart refused to honor the warranty (tread as completely worn down)> I purchased another pair to repolace them and this pair last 5000 miles until 8/1/2011 when the side wall of one of them blew out. Again, Walmart refused to warranty the tire even though I had their alleded Road Hazard warranty. More...
  • X-Trach 215/70r15

    I purchased a set of 215/70r15 from Walmart in Bidsdeford, Me in 9/2010. This pair of tires only lasted 2000 miles until 1/2011. When I returned the vahicle to the Biddeford, Me Walmart, the foreman John would not warranty the tires. Instead hge required me to purchase 2 more tires for 5.00 more per tire than the price 2 moths before. These 2 tires lasted about 5000 miles until 8/2011 when the driver's side sidewall blew out for no reason. Upon taking this tire back to Walmart, John said the issue was not a road hazard issue as the tire had not been cut but blew out.I was forced to buy... More...
    mgawat's Picture   mgawat    0 Comments   Comments
  • X-Tracs are the best

    These tires are the best riding tires I have ever owned. Just passed 55,000 with them on my PT cruiser with no problems and enough tread to go for some time yet. They are much quieter than the Kuhmo set they replaced, and ride as smoth as a glass surface. Hopefully Douglas will expand their tire line to include truck tires soon. I'll be right there to get mine!!! More...
  • help me out here

    I bought 2 douglas tires at Walmart and had them installed I assumed that 45,000 mile tire would last for what I use the vehicle for but after 15,000 miles the bands are showing on both more on one then the other .When I called Walmart they said it was my problem because I did not buy there road hazard in my eyes when it says 45,000 mile tire it should be I am disabled and just jumping in and going to buy tires all the time is something I can not do ...why do you have 45,000 mile on the tire and why dont you or walmart back it up dont like to here that its my problem when it is not... More...
    Rsco513's Picture   Rsco513    1 Comments   Comments
  • NOT REPAIRABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a almost new set of Douglas Performance tires on my Montero. My wife picked up a nail in the 2nd row of treads took it Wal-mart to fix it the service writer said no problem we can fix this, well 1-1/2 hours later they say sorry the tire needs to be replaced the nail was too close to the side that their NEW policy says that they can not fix this one. If this is theier NEW tire repair policy on their OWN tires (DOUGLAS TIRES OWNED BY WAL MART) maybe they should not sell tires More...
    (Repair Services)
    Rickey's Picture   Rickey    2 Comments   Comments
  • Douglas Tires Defective

    I have received no refund, credit, or any compensation for 4 Douglas tires that I purchased at Walmart in Sand Springs, OK. All tires have had serious defects involving seperation, flat spots, and bulges that caused my car to jerk and violently pull to one side. I took my car to a well-known tire company in Tulsa and I was told the tires had rendered my car unsafe to drive. I already knew this as I could barely reach 60MPH on the highway without losing control. The tires all have very little tread wear and look like new, from the outside. Walmart has informed me that they no longer carry... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
  • Want a Refund

    Bought 4 new Douglas GT-H tires on April 5, 2010 at Wal-Mart. Road hazard, life balancing...everything. Today on the highway driving on 94 East in Michigan to Martin front passenger splits in half at 75 mph. Talk about ******off! Two months and the first flat/blowout/anything that has every happened to a tire in my 11 years of driving and it's downright uncalled for. Not to mention watching a semi starting to jackknife dodging debris and the smoke screen I created and the cars weaving off the road like Indy 500. Poor almost killed a veteran today Douglas. Not cool More...
    (Repair Services)
    Souldarkness's Picture   Souldarkness    1 Comments   Comments

    I bought 4 new Douglas tires at WalMart. Mounted, balanced, road hazard warranty and life time rotate and balancing. I had a brand new front end alignment the same day before I bought the tires. Out the door the tires do not track correctly and it feels like the wind is blowing 75 mph the car drifts so much... Fortunately I do a lot of business with my local WalMart... Off the record the manage made it clear that Douglas tires are poorly made and dangerous and cannot understand why WalMart is selling them. They cause lots of DANGEROUS problems, especially with inexperienced... More...
    seeker's Picture   seeker    1 Comments   Comments
  • douglas tire at wal-mart

    i got new tires for my 2001 mini-van it a douglas tire. i got it july3 2007 .i brought to that day. i drove less then 100 miles. i had a blow out on the side of the tire.i took it back i had my slip ticket. on the back of the ticket it said they are good for 90 had less then 100 miles and the person said to bad. i told with the manger of wal-mart he yelled at me and my son to f---k off. so i left the store. i got a ford ranger 2000 and last night i was going to town and had a side blow out the same,place as the on on my van.the truck came with new dougl;as tires on when,i got it.... More...
  • Douglas Tire customer service

    i bought four douglas tires from walmart about 12000 miles with the road hazard and life time balance. was not satisfied with the tires from the start.had vibration and wobble in steering . three days later i went back to walmart, and they rotated them and asked me to run them for about 1000 miles to let them run in. well guess what, (dumby me) they said i should have brought them back sooner. (the other manager had moved) that this was a manufacture defect and not a road hazard. i am not happy with walmart or douglas tire. but i haven't given up.things do happen! More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    cowboy1's Picture   cowboy1    3 Comments   Comments

Douglas Tires Reviews By Product

Douglas Tires Comments

norrismonica4 says: (4 years ago)
I purchased 2 Douglas tires from Walmart on Hudson Bridge in Stockbridge, Ga on 3/13/15. I actually took them to a friends shop to have mounted. After mounting on wheel, one tire exploded, blew a huge hole in the sidewall, BEFORE being put on van. The next morning, 3/14/15, I drove a total of 50 miles and the second tire had lost air. There was a bulge on the sidewall and you could feel the air coming out right above bulge. These tires both had bulges on sidewall and had become useless within a day and a half. Walmart said nothing they would do. I am all for class action suit.

bugabooeric says: (5 years ago)
I bought my 95 cadilac seville from my cousin and she had just put brand new tires on it douglas from walmart I know I was with her when she bought them I was not happy with the tread design but she was paying and the price was good well let me tell u u get what w pay for 3 months after I bought the caddy the front 2 tires the side wall tread is totaly bald both on inside and outside of each tire well let me tell u this cadilac is made of steal and its a very heavy car with a huge heavy powerful v8 engine in it it is front wheel drive so douglas tires do not work for this size of sadan plus ur take off power of that v8 engine has to be rough on that low quality of tire for this care u need a agressive tread tire with a strong side wall that can handle the abuse and weight...

robBur4512 says: (7 years ago)
Last November my fiance and i bought two 195/65 15 Douglas xtra trac II tires. Three months later we noticed some bulges, come to find out wal mart had over inflated then by 20 psi. When we went and told them, they told us there's nothing they could do. So two 45,000 mile guaranteed tires only lasted us about 23,000 miles. Also they had got so worn that we had wire showing, and we just replaced them yesterday with Goodyear viva II. The're a better bang for your buck

elvis68 says: (9 years ago)
I Have a 1995 Probe and needed new Tires,Went for The Douglas sport gt-h 205/60r16 inch.At Walmart at $45.00 compared with 2 $90.00 models.Im so Happy,in the next month i will replace the othr Three with Douglas tires.I use the car as my Weekend car and Dont drive out of town much,So Great Deal For Me,Peace.........

Crazyone says: (9 years ago)
Bought 2 new douglas tires at Walmart- they didn't have the viva or Goodyear so went with the Douglas--they were to go on the front (best idea on buying a used car-checking the front end and the existing tires were worn on the edges from under inflation--not real bad-but definately better than the rears so the fronts were to be put on the rear and the new tires on the front--came back once and saw tire installer putting them on the rear and told the service writer--came back to pick up my car--got almost out of the lot and stopped to check them--sure enough they put them on THE REAR !!! When I went back in and asked why--they said the fronts were worn too badly to rotate !! The tires had 75% tread in the center and slight but noticeable wear on the edges!! I knew this -thats why I was putting the new ones on the front and the old front tires to the rear till next month. This isn't all bad till I checked the inflation on the new Douglas tires--44PSI is the maximum inflation!!! They were at 28 and 30 PSI !!! Allowing 8 to 10 pounds for expansion and heat--that still puts the new tires under inflated- which is why I was replacing the old tires !! FORGET WALMART--I have already called a Lawyer--when I get the new tires for the front I am to save the ones removed-then we will see what the hell is going on !!

lilphilly says: (9 years ago)
i just bought 4 new douglas tires and i have to say they drive decent for the price i paid but the thing im really torqued about is walmart 3481 scratched my rims when they put them on. they are stock rims but it still really p***** me off because my car is my baby

ramonmena says: (10 years ago)
good tires.

ramonmena says: (10 years ago)
tires # 205-70-14

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