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Douglas Tires Comments

norrismonica4 says: (3 years ago)
I purchased 2 Douglas tires from Walmart on Hudson Bridge in Stockbridge, Ga on 3/13/15. I actually took them to a friends shop to have mounted. After mounting on wheel, one tire exploded, blew a huge hole in the sidewall, BEFORE being put on van. The next morning, 3/14/15, I drove a total of 50 miles and the second tire had lost air. There was a bulge on the sidewall and you could feel the air coming out right above bulge. These tires both had bulges on sidewall and had become useless within a day and a half. Walmart said nothing they would do. I am all for class action suit.

bugabooeric says: (4 years ago)
I bought my 95 cadilac seville from my cousin and she had just put brand new tires on it douglas from walmart I know I was with her when she bought them I was not happy with the tread design but she was paying and the price was good well let me tell u u get what w pay for 3 months after I bought the caddy the front 2 tires the side wall tread is totaly bald both on inside and outside of each tire well let me tell u this cadilac is made of steal and its a very heavy car with a huge heavy powerful v8 engine in it it is front wheel drive so douglas tires do not work for this size of sadan plus ur take off power of that v8 engine has to be rough on that low quality of tire for this care u need a agressive tread tire with a strong side wall that can handle the abuse and weight...

robBur4512 says: (7 years ago)
Last November my fiance and i bought two 195/65 15 Douglas xtra trac II tires. Three months later we noticed some bulges, come to find out wal mart had over inflated then by 20 psi. When we went and told them, they told us there's nothing they could do. So two 45,000 mile guaranteed tires only lasted us about 23,000 miles. Also they had got so worn that we had wire showing, and we just replaced them yesterday with Goodyear viva II. The're a better bang for your buck

elvis68 says: (8 years ago)
I Have a 1995 Probe and needed new Tires,Went for The Douglas sport gt-h 205/60r16 inch.At Walmart at $45.00 compared with 2 $90.00 models.Im so Happy,in the next month i will replace the othr Three with Douglas tires.I use the car as my Weekend car and Dont drive out of town much,So Great Deal For Me,Peace.........

Crazyone says: (8 years ago)
Bought 2 new douglas tires at Walmart- they didn't have the viva or Goodyear so went with the Douglas--they were to go on the front (best idea on buying a used car-checking the front end and the existing tires were worn on the edges from under inflation--not real bad-but definately better than the rears so the fronts were to be put on the rear and the new tires on the front--came back once and saw tire installer putting them on the rear and told the service writer--came back to pick up my car--got almost out of the lot and stopped to check them--sure enough they put them on THE REAR !!! When I went back in and asked why--they said the fronts were worn too badly to rotate !! The tires had 75% tread in the center and slight but noticeable wear on the edges!! I knew this -thats why I was putting the new ones on the front and the old front tires to the rear till next month. This isn't all bad till I checked the inflation on the new Douglas tires--44PSI is the maximum inflation!!! They were at 28 and 30 PSI !!! Allowing 8 to 10 pounds for expansion and heat--that still puts the new tires under inflated- which is why I was replacing the old tires !! FORGET WALMART--I have already called a Lawyer--when I get the new tires for the front I am to save the ones removed-then we will see what the hell is going on !!

lilphilly says: (8 years ago)
i just bought 4 new douglas tires and i have to say they drive decent for the price i paid but the thing im really torqued about is walmart 3481 scratched my rims when they put them on. they are stock rims but it still really p***** me off because my car is my baby

ramonmena says: (9 years ago)
good tires.

ramonmena says: (9 years ago)
tires # 205-70-14

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